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Somatic Behavioral Health & Wellness

SensoriWorks offers somatic therapy and coaching for individuals and groups ages 8 through adulthood, and provides teen (ages 14-17) and young adult (ages 18-24) Somatic Intensive Outpatient Treatment.

Our approach starts from the bottom up, connecting people with their sensory experience. Clients learn how to regulate their nervous systems while cultivating habits to be mentally fit and embodied.

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Our Services


Intensive Outpatient Services

We help clients stabilize their mental health and habits

and provide medication and academic support

to clients in our teen and young adult programs.


Individual Therapy,

Coaching and Intensives

Somatic Therapy and Coaching for kids 8+ and adults, Weekend Intensive Therapy for Couples and Families


Workshops, Classes, Events

Learn how to get the most out of life and maximize enjoyment through enriching events, training and retreat opportunities.

Why we do this...

SensoriWorks is the collaboration of a clinical social worker and a data scientist. We saw an overlooked need for young people to have access to somatic therapy to heal from trauma, chronic stress, and mental illness in a clinical setting. Neuroscience and somatic treatments lead the fitness industry space, but are not readily available in treatment settings. SensoriWorks provides evidence-based treatment based in the understanding that the body and mind cannot truly be separated. We addresses nervous system state and regulation through movement, play and embodiment.

Amanda and Nick are a married couple with four children and a dog. Their family identifies and allies with the LGBTQIA+ community and they are dedicated to anti-oppressive care. Both have lived experience healing from childhood abuse, trauma, attachment wounds and navigating neurodivergence in a neurotypical world. Amanda received her Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles and Nick completed his Masters of Science in Statistics at Portland State University. Their combined experience providing mentorship, education, coaching, mental health and addiction treatment to the community spans the last decade. SensoriWorks blends the worlds of wellness and technology to provide clients with truly holistic treatment, measurable outcomes and real-time measurements of their journey toward conscious embodiment.

Amanda Osborn, LICSW, Somatic Therapist & Coach

Nick Osborn, M.S.


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"There is a crack in everything. That's where the light gets in."

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Insurance Billing

Contact our Admissions number to ask about

insurance coverage for services and financing

options for under or uninsured clients. Our clinical staff is In Network with most insurances for general outpatient services. SensoriWorks is currently billing Out Of Network benefits for the Somatic Intensive Outpatient Program.

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